On April 28th, during the Beijing International Youth Innovation Development Forum, the "Study in Beijing+" initiative was announced, supported by the China Scholarship Council, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Talent Work. Collaborating with the Beijing Public Security Bureau Exit and Entry Administration Bureau and universities like Peking University and Beijing University of Technology, the Beijing Overseas Talents Center unveiled 10 facilitation measures aimed at providing comprehensive support to international students in areas such as internship, employment, entrepreneurship, and integration into local life.

Under these measures, international students graduating from both domestic and overseas universities can qualify for exemption from the 2-year work experience requirement when applying for a work permit. Graduates from top 500 world universities and domestic "Double First-Class" universities within the past two years will be eligible for a first-time work permit lasting up to 3 years. Additionally, foreign doctoral graduates meeting certain criteria can apply for permanent residency in China.

Moreover, the visa application process for international students has been simplified:

  • Enterprises within the "Two Zones" can now apply for short-term private affairs visas labeled "internship" for foreign students coming from overseas universities for internships.
  • Beijing municipal institutions and renowned domestic enterprises inviting foreign students for internships can apply for a one-year private affairs visa for internship activities, provided they submit an invitation letter from the inviting unit and proof of enrollment from the university.
  • Foreign doctoral graduates are encouraged to conduct scientific research at Beijing postdoctoral research mobile stations and workstations. Those entering the station can apply for private affairs or work-related residence permits, with eligible candidates having the option to apply for permanent residency.
  • Foreign graduates with bachelor's degrees or higher from key majors at domestic "Double First-Class" universities and internationally renowned universities who come to China for innovation and entrepreneurship can apply for residence permits for private affairs.
  • Qualified foreign students from Beijing universities can apply for study residence permits annotated with "part-time work for students," allowing them to engage in part-time work activities with the school's certification letter and relevant documents.

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