To work/teach in China legally, you need to meet the requirements and send us the documents outlined below to obtain the work permit by which you can apply for a Z visa. Elite RE is professional, accomplished, and passionate to make sure that you have the correct documents.

Please note: Due to the latest policy, hiring ESL teachers in China requires English native applicants. Only a few cities accept non-native speakers to teach English with the conditions that the applicants have to get an over-120-hour ESL / TESOL / CELTA / DELTA certificate and a verified diploma with English Major or Translation Major in the English Language. Teaching other subjects doesn't require the applicants to be English native speakers.

Requirements & Documents

1. Above 18 under 65 years old.
2. At least 2 years of teaching experience (Optional).
3. A detailed resume.
4. A visa photo with white background.
5. Bachelor’s degree or above to be authenticated.
6. Over 120 hours of ESL/TESOL/CELTA/DELTA certificate (Optional).
7. Photo page of your passport.
8. Reference letter from a previous teaching job.
9. Completed medical form.
10. Clear background check to be authenticated.

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