Elite Recruitment and Education (Elite RE) is currently recruiting contracted and qualified English/ESL and other subjects teachers for kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities across China so if you prefer the fast paced city life, or want to be immersed in the more traditional culture of a smaller city, we probably have the positions available for you. Enjoy the low living expense while earning competitive salaries teaching in China. From getting your background check, to arriving in China – we will help you step by step.

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Positions of Teaching in China
Positions of Teaching in China

Applications Open

Public Universities (12 vacancies)

Updated on July 2nd, 2019


(1) Students are adults from 18-25 years old. The class size is about 20-30 students.
(2) 16-22 classes a week. One class is about 40-50 minutes. NO OFFICE HOUR.
(3) Courses cover Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, IELTS, Western Culture, Literature, Debating, or Linguistics etc..
(4) The contract length is optional, 3 months, half or one year. It will start anytime as your plans.
(5) Teaching materials are provided and feel free to have your own ideas.


(1) The salary is 8k-12kRMB monthly based on the teaching experience and degree.
(2) Fully furnished apartments near or on campus. The free water, electricity, heating, and maintenance are included.
(3) Annual bonus are up to 10kRMB or free round-trip tickets after fulfilling one year contract.
(4) 150-200 RMB overtime payment per class.
(5) At least two days off every week, winter and summer vocations, and all Chinese national holidays.
(6) Relocation supports (setting up SIM and bank cards, arrival pickup, and taking to hospital etc.) and free Chinese lessons(optional).
(7) Insurance provided.
(8) Visa application instruction.

International Schools (16 vacancies)

Updated on July 1st, 2019


(1) Teach 20-35 classes a week.
(2) Students are 3-16 year old.
(3) Courses are Oral English.
(4) At least 11 days paid holidays.
(5) Insurance provided.
(6) The contract length is one year. It will start anytime in 2019 or after and is renewable.
(7) Teaching materials are provided and feel free to have your own ideas.
(8) Chinese teacher assists in class.


(1) The Salary is 10-15kRMB after tax monthly.
(2) Fully furnished apartments near the school.
(3) Overtime payment is 150-200 RMB per class.
(4) Annual bonus is up to 10KRMB.
(5) Winter holiday and Chinese national holidays.
(6) Relocating support, as setting up SIM card, bank, and transportation cards, picking up at the airport, and renting apartments etc..
(7) Insurance provided.
(8) Free Chinese lessons (optional).
(9) Visa application instruction.
(10) Free meals (optional).