Police Residence Register is required in China for applying a residence permit, when you relocate to a new place in China for study or work. If you are living in a hotel, the hotel will directly update your residence information to the register system. If living in an apartment, your school/company/landlord will guide you to do it. Here below are some tips registering your residence information for living in an apartment.

1. Print a copy of your passport homepage, current visa or residence permit page, and latest stamped entry page. Please bring your passport with you to the police station. The police officer will return your passport after checking the pages in it, and collect the printed copies.

2. Print a copy of the apartment owner's apartment certificate, apartment owner's ID card, and apartment renting contract. You don't need to take the originals with you since the police officer will only collect the printed copies. (If you are living in the apartment whose owner is your school/company that you are working for or studying at, the police officer will only ask your school/company to provide a stamped paper saying the apartment belongs to the school/company.)

3. Print the Information Form and Register Form, and a visa-sized photo should be pasted on the top-right of the Information Form. The police officer will fill the information to their system based on the Information Form. Please make sure all the information is correct.

4. The police officer will stamp the Register Form and return it to you. It will be used for applying a new residence permit afterwards. Please make sure you have the stamped Register Form in hands before leaving the police station.

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