The health check red booklet (copies) is needed to apply work permit and residence permit.

⬤ Name of the hospital: 河南国际旅行卫生保健中心. This is the only place permitted in Henan province.

⬤ Address: 金水路与健康路交叉口,路南。

⬤ Time: They are only open in the mornings from Monday to Friday for doing health check, except for Chinese national holidays.

⬤ Papers needed: Please take your passport and bring a white-background photo (33mm*48mm) hard copy with you.

⬤ Please don't eat anything for the breakfast, but you can drink a little blank water. They speak English for the whole process.

⬤ After finishing everything, they will ask you if you will go back to get the red booklet with a detailed report 2 days after, or you pay for the mailing outside of the hospital, and the office outside will mail to you 2 days after. Mornings and afternoons are allowed to pickup.

⬤ The health check probably takes about 540 RMB. The price changes every year. You can ask them for 发票(invoice) and ask them to put your school name and tax code in it so your school can reimburse for you after. Acceptable invoice should have the stamp, the QR code, the school name, and its tax code.

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