China's National Health Commission released 10 new COVID-19 control policies on Wednesday to further relieve the epidemic control measures. Here below are the summarized details.

I. Massive lockdowns are not allowed. High risk areas should be circled by buildings, living units, and apartments instead of communities, streets, and districts.

II. COVID tests should be conducted only for people who are from high risk areas and who are working for epidemic control fields. Places are not allowed to require a COVID test and green health code to enter, except for institutions with nursing and medical services and schools from kindergarten to high school levels. No COVID test and green health code are needed for cross-city travels. No arrival COVID test is needed.

III. Cases with no symptoms and mild symptoms are suggested to be quarantined at home for 7 days with COVID tests on 6th and 7th days. Close contact persons are suggested to be quarantined at home for 5 days.

IV. Lockdowns for high risk areas should be removed immediately if no new cases for the past 5 days.

V. Pharmacy stores have to be open and are not allowed to restrict people to buy medicines online and offline.

VI. Increase the vaccination rate of people aged 60 and above with incentive measures.

VII. Local authorities and medical or health institutions should enforce the work on people with basic diseases, and scientifically implement COVID-19 vaccination by classifications.

VIII. Ensure the normal functioning of the society and basic medical services. Non-high risk areas are not allowed to restrict travels and ban businesses.

IX. Enforce epidemic related safety.

X. Further optimize the epidemic control management in schools with maintaining offline teaching and activities.

Summarized from China National Health Commission

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