Recently, Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology (Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs) issued "10 Measures on Further Strengthening the Introduction of Foreign Talents" to boost the introduction of foreign talents in the province.

I: Focus on introducing overseas high-level talents (team). 重点引进海外高层次人才(团队)。

a). Do well the "Yanzhao Friendship Award". 做好“燕赵友谊奖”的评选工作。

b). Make good use of the "Hundred-Talent Program for Foreign Experts". 用好“外国专家百人计划”。

c). Establish a "Foreign Academician (Nobel Prize) Workstation". 建立“外籍院士(诺贝尔奖)工作站”。

II: Fully promote the introduction of foreign quality experts. 全面推进外国质量专家引进工作。

a). Establish a docking and liaison mechanism for introducing foreign quality experts. 建立引进外国质量专家的对接联络机制。

b). Provide peer-to-peer assistance to the leading industries in each city to realize quality improvement. 为每个城市的主导产业提供点对点的帮助,以实现质量改进。

c). Focus on introducing "overseas engineers" and provide special funding support. 重点引进“海外工程师”,并提供专项资金支持。

d). Provide special reward funds to talent institutions that have made contributions. 为做出贡献的人才机构提供专项奖励资金。

III: Expand the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cross-regional flow of foreign talents new track. 拓展京津冀跨区域外籍人才流动新轨道。

a). Make good use of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei foreign Talent Service Consortium. 充分利用京津冀外籍人才服务联盟。

b). Carry out the pilot work on the filing system of work permits for the cross-regional mobility of foreign experts in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. 在京津冀地区开展外国专家跨地区流动工作许可备案制试点工作。

c). Promote foreign experts from Beijing and Tianjin to Hebei on weekends. 推动京津外国专家利用周末时间到河北考察。

IV: Create an innovation highland for foreign talents in Xiong'an New Area. 打造雄安新区外籍人才创新高地。

a). Focus on major national strategic needs and introduce top scientists to Xiong'an. 聚焦国家重大战略需求,引进顶尖科学家来雄安。

b). Organize a "High-level foreign expert trip to Xiong'an". 组织“外国高层专家雄安行”。

c). Solve practical problems in work and life for foreign experts. 为外国专家解决工作和生活中的实际问题。

d). Support management and technical talents from Xiong'an New Area to go abroad for training and exchange. 支持雄安新区管理和技术人才赴境外培训交流。

e). Attract high-level talents from around the world to take the lead in technology innovation projects. 吸引全球高层次人才领衔科技创新项目。

V: Supporting industrial parks to go overseas for "Attracting investment and talent". 支持工业园区到海外“招商引资、招才引智”。

a). Organize representatives of key and high-quality enterprises to go overseas for "Attracting investment and talent". 组织重点优质企业代表赴海外开展“招商引资、招才引智”活动。

b). Give priority to supporting the introduction of international leading core technology experts in smelting technology of precision steel and intelligent environmental protection dust removal systems. 优先支持引进国际领先的精密钢材冶炼技术和智能环保除尘系统的核心技术专家。

c). Focus on supporting key industrial clusters in the province to attract investment in overseas industrial chains and precise talent. 重点扶持省内重点产业集群,吸引海外产业链投资和精准人才。

d). Carry out technical project negotiations and docking with foreign experts. 与外国专家开展技术项目洽谈对接。

e). Actively support participation in major international forums (conferences). 积极支持参加重要的国际论坛(会议)。

f). Implement policies for talent, resource, and information sharing. 实施人才、资源和信息共享政策。

VI: Strengthen the construction of major talent introduction and exchange platforms. 加强重大人才引进交流平台建设。

a). Support the construction of "offshore innovation and entrepreneurship bases for overseas talents" in high-tech zones, economic development zones, and free trade zones. 支持在高新区、经济开发区、保税区建设“海外人才离岸创新创业基地”。

b). Establish a China-Europe (Hebei) Enterprise Exhibition Center in Europe. 在欧洲建立中国-欧洲(河北)企业展示中心。

c). Promote the construction of a comprehensive service platform for foreign talents - "Charming Hebei" channel. 推进外籍人才综合服务平台--“魅力河北”频道建设。

VII: Optimize and strengthen international cooperation in the field of education and health care. 优化和加强教育与卫生保健领域的国际合作。

a). Build a group of education and medical talent introduction demonstration units. 打造一批教育、医疗人才引进示范单位。

b). Support a group of disciplines with independent innovation capabilities. 支持一批具有自主创新能力的学科。

c). Support the construction of international education cooperation centers and international medical cooperation centers. 支持国际教育合作中心和国际医疗合作中心的建设。

VIII: Enhance the ability to cultivate international talents. 提升国际化人才培养能力。

a). Actively strive for national special support. 积极争取国家专项支持。

b). Organize management and technical talents to carry out professional technical exchanges and overseas training abroad. 组织管理和技术人才到国外进行专业技术交流和海外培训。

c). Introduce a group of high-quality foreign professional projects and high-level foreign talents. 引进一批高质量的国外专业项目和高层次外籍人才。

IX: Expand channels for talents attraction. 拓宽引才渠道。

a). Fully absorb various types of talent institutions from home and abroad to attract talents and bring projects. 充分吸纳国内外各类人才机构,吸引人才,引进项目。

b). Establish channels to attract the return of overseas talents. 建立吸引海外人才回国的渠道。

c). Carry out performance evaluation of talent introduction channels. 开展人才引进渠道绩效评估。

d). For outstanding contributing institutions, coordinate to enjoy the relevant incentive policies in the province. 对有突出贡献的院校,协调享受省有关奖励政策。

X: Strengthen the transformation and promotion of overseas talent introduction achievements.加强海外人才引进成果转化推广。

Establish an overseas project incubation platform to attract a group of overseas scientific research transfer and transformation project. 建立海外项目孵化平台,吸引一批海外科研转移转化项目。

From: Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology

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