Article 39 of the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates:

Where foreigners stay in hotels in China, the hotels shall register their accommodation in accordance with the regulations on the public security administration of the hotel, and submit foreigners' accommodation registration information to the public security organs in the places where the hotels are located. For foreigners who reside or stay in domiciles other than hotels, they or the persons who accommodate them shall, within 24 hours after the foreigners' arrival, go through the registration formalities with the public security organs in the places of residence.

Documents for registering accommodation

Every foreigner residing in China must complete accommodation registration and be sure to go to the relevant department within 24 hours after check-in to complete the procedures!

❶ Foreigners should provide valid entry-exit documents such as passports, or original valid identity documents such as Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card;

❷ Individuals or institutions who stay overseas shall present their valid identity documents or unit certificates when applying for registration of scattered accommodation on their behalf;

❸ If the residential address is a self-purchased house, the Property Ownership Certificate shall be submitted; If the residential address is a rental house, Rental Contract shall be submitted; For those who borrow or reside in someone else's residence, they shall submit the identity documents of the house-owner or the actual tenant of the house, as well as relevant housing proof documents.

* The specific application materials shall be subject to the requirements of the exit and entry administration of the local public security organ.

Important Tips

When renting a house, please pay attention to whether the rented house has obtained the Property Ownership Certificate; If an intermediary company is entrusted to rent a house, an intermediary company with reliable professional qualifications should be entrusted to avoid economic losses.

Accommodation registration under:

❶ renewal, extension, or re-issuance of visa;

❷ applying for, extending or reissuing a residence permit;

❸ getting a new passport;

❹ exiting and re-entering;

❺ the accommodation registration expiring;

❻ changing the residential address.

After any of the above events occur, pleasere-register!

* If you don't register or forget to update, you may face warnings or fines. Don't forget!

From: The Immigration Service Center of NIA

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