To apply for a work-type residence permit in China, the documents to be submitted are as follows:

Valid passport or other international travel documents,

Fill out the application form for visa documents of foreigners and submit a photo that meets the standards specified in the Guidelines for Travel Documents Photographs;

Applicants holding a Z visa shall submit work permit certificates issued by authorities including local human resources, social security, and foreign experts administration, as well as proof letters issued by their employers,

Applicants holding other types of visas shall also submit supporting documents that meet the conditions and qualifications required by relevant competent authorities of the Chinese government for high-level foreign talents, specialized talents in urgent need, and investors;

Other necessary procedures to be observed and supporting documents to be submitted. For relevant certificates, submit the original for inspection and keep their copies for filing.

* The specific application materials shall be subject to the requirements of the exit and entry management agency of the local public security organ.

Source: The Immigration Service Center of National Immigration Administration, PRC

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