From 28 November, the railway department has launched an online identity verification service for foreign passports.


Following the launch of the online identity verification service for foreign passports, passengers can log on to the 12306 website, enter their name, nationality, certificate number and other information as prompted by the system, and the system will automatically complete the identity verification. Previously, foreign passengers purchasing tickets on the 12306 website were required to have their original passports to verify their identity information at the railway station window.

外国护照网上身份验证服务开通后,旅客登录12306网站,根据系统提示输入姓名、国籍、证件号码等信息,系统将自动完成身份验证。此前,在 12306 网站购票的外国旅客需要携带护照原件到火车站窗口核验身份信息。

Passengers can also choose to submit passport information page photos online for manual back-end verification. In addition to online verification, passengers can still go to the railway station window for verification.


In addition, the new version of the Permanent Residence Permit for Foreigners of the People's Republic of China has been officially put into use from 1 December this year. In accordance with the requirements of the relevant national departments, the railway department has optimized the 12306 website (including the APP), so that passengers with permanent residence permits can register online, purchase tickets, complete real name verification and check in/out at stations on a self-service basis through the station gates, and enjoy the online and self-service services provided by the railway authorities on an equal footing with passengers with resident identity cards.


The railway department reminds that foreign passengers can only purchase tickets and board the train after passing the identity verification. Passengers with foreign passports should check their identity verification status in time and complete the identity information verification as soon as possible to avoid disruption to their ticket purchase and travel. For more information on the service, please visit the 12306 website.


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