This Guideline applies to foreign nationals applying for permanent residence status in China.



Foreign nationals who have made remarkable contributions to the economic and social development of China or meet other conditions for permanent residence in China may apply for permanent residence in China.


Foreign nationals applying for permanent residence in China shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations, be in good health, have no criminal record, and meet one of the following conditions:


(I) The applicant has made direct and stable investments in China, with good tax payment records for three consecutive years;


(II) The applicant holds the position of 1) deputy general manager, 2) factory deputy director or above, or 3) those with professional associate senior titles or above, such as associate professor or associate researcher; or has been enjoying the equivalent salary in China for at least four consecutive years, and residing in China for a total of not less than three years within four years with good tax records;


(III) The applicant has made significant and outstanding contribution(s) to China and is especially needed in the country;


(IV) The spouse and the unmarried children (under age 18) of the applicant who meets the foregoing conditions specified in (I), (II) or (III);


(V) The applicant is the spouse of a Chinese citizen or of a foreign national who has obtained permanent residence status in China; The applicant and his or her spouse has been married for a minimum of five years; The applicant has had a minimum of five consecutive years of residence in China with no less than nine months each year, and has a stable source of income and domicile;


(VI) The applicant under the age of 18 is unmarried and dependent on his or her parents;


(VII) The applicant is or above the age of 60, has no direct relatives abroad, and lives with his or her direct relative in China; The applicant has stayed in China for at least five consecutive years with at least nine months of residence in China each year, and has a stable source of income and domicile.



For foreign nationals who do not meet the foregoing conditions, an application for permanent residence in China will not be accepted.


Additionally, according to Article 24 of the Measures for the Administration of Examination and Approval of Foreigners' Permanent Residence in China, where any of the following circumstances occurs, the National Immigration Administration (NIA) has the right to cancel the previously obtained permanent residence status in China of foreign nationals and confiscate their Foreign Permanent Resident ID Cards or declare their Foreign Permanent Resident ID Cards invalid.


(I) Foreign nationals who may endanger China's national security or interests;


(II) Foreign nationals who have been sentenced to be deported by a people's court;


(III) Foreign nationals who obtained permanent residence in China by false materials or other unlawful means;


(IV) Foreign nationals whose residence in China, without approval, is less than three months each year or less than one year during the five-year residence.


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