We need to do some preparations before a new class if you didn’t work with us before.

1. Download the Whiteboard Platform to your laptop (find the link below), if you are using the laptop or a computer with Windows Operation System. This app facilitates your teaching. You can learn it and ask your coordinator when you need any help. During your teaching, your desktop will be shared with the students so they can see your Whiteboard clearly. Some parents don’t want teachers to use the Platform too much, because they are expecting the teachers to conduct real interactive activities with their children. Please confirm with your coordinator whether to use it for each of your new class.

2. Download and install the Zoom app on your laptop. Your coordinator will send you the account and password that you can use during the class.

3. The teaching plan is a general description of our online courses, which is based on the Big English textbook. You are not required to follow all that the teaching plan tells, but please don’t be far behind the average progress of the course.

4. Textbook with audio files (Students book and Teachers’ book) can be downloaded through the link below. Please get familiar with the first lessons and we encourage teachers to have his/her own ideas and designs for the lessons. The Big English textbook consists of 6 levels. You can only download what you need after your coordinator tells you what level(s) your new student(s) is/are on.

5. Your coordinator will get you the schedule and student(s) information from the teaching manager who is in charge of talking with parents.

6. Please make sure you have a stable internet connection. Most of the laptops nowadays come with a built-in webcam. If you use a desktop computer or your laptop doesn’t have one, you will have to purchase and install one.

Download link: https://en.elitere.cn/2020/07/1275

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