Basic Information

Job ID: 1198;
Level: International High School;
Location: Zhengzhou, China;

Job Description

Subject: English, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Western Literature, or Western History;
Students age: 14-17;
Classes: 14~20/week with each class 45 minutes, 20 to 30 students in each class;
Extra teaching: normally no extra teaching, but if it has, 200RMB to 250RMB per class;
Office hour: no office hour at all;
Salary (Negotiable): 14-18k RMB monthly according to teacher's qualifications;
Accommodation: The school provides a free apartment with free WiFi, living room, and bedroom furnitured with sofa, aircon, refrigerator, and so on (you need to pay for the electricity and water fees, but the university will pay you the compensation with 100RMB monthly for those expenses).
Holiday: about 40 days summer holiday with fully paid (first year contract not applicable), and about 20 days winter holiday with fully paid;
Insurance: provided;
Bonus: when about to complete each contract year, 10k RMB will be paid;


Native speakers with a bachelors degree or above to be authenticated, or non-native speakers with an English-related major bachelors degree or above to be authenticated;
At least 2 years of teaching experience, and can provide 1 reference letter;
Background check authentication needed.


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