Basic Information

Job ID: 1123;

Level: Kindergarten、Primary School;

Location: Nanyang, China;

Job Description

  • Subject: English;
  • Students age: 3-13;
  • Classes: 20/week with each class 45 minutes;
  • Class size: 6-10 students for each class;
  • Extra teaching: normally no extra teaching;
  • Office hour: 5 hours a week;
  • Salary: 13-22K RMB aftertax monthly;
  • Accommodation: The school pays 800RMB monthly for apartment rent, but you need to pay for electricity and water.
  • Holiday: 22 days holiday paid without any workload during a whole year, and you can have any another 8 days off during a whole year;
  • Insurance: provided;
  • The school organizes trips and activities for teachers;


  • Native speakers with a bachelors degree or above to be authenticated;
  • At least 2 years of teaching experience, and can provide 1 reference letter;
  • Background check authentication needed;


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HR Recruiter
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