On March 20th, the State Council Information Office held a routine policy briefing to introduce the relevant situation of advancing high-level opening-up and attracting and utilizing foreign investment with greater efforts, and answered questions from reporters.


Jia Tongbin, head of the Foreigners Management Department of the National Immigration Administration, stated,  the National Immigration Administration will closely coordinate with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. On the basis of law-based and standardized management, it will strengthen information sharing, optimize processing procedures, integrate application materials, comprehensively promote the implementation of the work permit and work-related residence permit for foreigners through "single-window acceptance, parallel review, and simultaneous issuance," forming a "one-stop" approval mechanism to facilitate efficient processing. Foreigners who have continuously held work-related residence permits for more than one year in China, as well as foreign managers and professional technical personnel working in well-known enterprises and research institutions, and members of scientific research and innovation teams, can apply for residence permits valid for up to five years. Those who meet relevant conditions may be approved for permanent residency in China. At the same time, foreign managerial and technical personnel working in enterprises and institutions in China will be allowed to adjust their work positions across regions within their affiliated enterprises and institutions or pursue degrees and continuing education in domestic universities without the need to reapply for residence permits.


The National Immigration Administration is actively promoting "streamlined procedures for convenience." When foreign nationals apply for residence documents due to investment, entrepreneurship, work, or study in China, they can be exempted from retaining their passports after on-site verification by the public security exit-entry administration department. They can then collect their residence documents at the issuance window at the agreed time with their passports, facilitating the handling of related matters during this period. When processing visa applications for foreign nationals, if relevant accommodation registration records and work unit information can be queried through inter-departmental information sharing, the verification of related paper proof materials can be waived.


Meanwhile, efforts will continue to be made to enhance the application of information technology, enrich the functions of the immigration management government service platform such as "mobile office" and "online office," realize online appointment for document processing, online query of document processing progress, and online inquiry of personal visa information, further improving the facilitation level of visa document processing for foreign nationals.


From: China Development Website

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