On the 18th, it was reported that the Xuhui Police in Shanghai recently uncovered a case of selling entry and exit documents. The individual (referred to as M) involved in the illegal activity has been subjected to administrative penalties, and another suspect Cong has been taken into custody through criminal measures by the Xuhui Sub-Bureau of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau's Exit-Entry Administration Office.


In early January of this year, during the verification process of registration information for foreign nationals, the immigration police in Xuhui found anomalies in the residential and work address information of a foreign national. They proceeded to inspect the company associated with this individual. During questioning, the company's representatives were evasive, raising significant suspicions. Consequently, the police summoned Cong, the person in charge, and the foreign national M for interrogation.


According to the police, during the interrogation, the foreign national M admitted to actually working in the catering industry in another province, but being unable to obtain a work visa. Through an acquaintance, M got in touch with Cong, who helped process the relevant work visa documents for a fee of 12,000 yuan. Through further questioning, Cong admitted that despite being aware of M's low educational background, which did not qualify for a work visa, he facilitated M's affiliation with the company, providing employment status and issuing relevant employment and salary certificates. This allowed M to apply for a work-related residence permit.


Currently, M has been administratively penalized for the illegal act. The suspect Cong is under criminal detention by the Xuhui police for the alleged crime of selling entry and exit documents, and the case is undergoing further investigation and trial.


The police advise foreign nationals in China to comply with the "Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China." They should refrain from engaging in activities that are inconsistent with the reasons for their stay or residence. If there is a need to extend or change their visa, they should promptly apply to the immigration authorities and submit relevant documents related to the purpose of the application.


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