China's National Immigration Administration on Thursday announced new measures to facilitate foreigners coming to China for business, study and tourism, including the relaxation of visa application conditions.

Foreigners who are in urgent need of doing business, exchanges, investment and other non-diplomatic and non-official activities, but are unable to obtain a visa overseas in time, can apply for a port visa to enter China by presenting relevant supporting documents to the port visa authorities, the administration said at a press conference.

Foreigners can transit through nine designated international airports in China without going through immigration procedures for up to 24 hours, said the administration, adding travelers with international connecting flights within 24 hours can transit through any of these airports to a third country or region without going through immigration procedures and enjoy visa-free transit.

Foreigners who are in China for a short period of time to engage in non-diplomatic and official activities can apply for a visa extension or replacement from the local exit and entry administration of the public security organ if they have legitimate and reasonable reasons to continue staying in China, according to the administration.

Foreigners in China who need to enter and exit the country multiple times for legitimate reasons can apply for a multiple-entry visa and the documents needed for application will also be reduced, it said.

The administration noted that the above measures were a response to growing demand for enhanced immigration management services from both domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals as China's economy continues to recover.

From: CGTN

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