China will issue a new version of the foreign permanent resident ID card starting from Dec. 1, which will facilitate card holders' handling of their personal affairs online, according to the National Immigration Administration (NIA).

After Dec. 1, the current foreign permanent resident ID card will still be valid within the effective period, and card holders can apply for the new version in due course.

China's National Immigration Administration has announced the upcoming release of a new version of the Chinese Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card, colloquially known as the "Five-Star Card." This updated card incorporates various Chinese elements, such as a Great Wall design and five-star elements representing the national emblem. Experts involved in its development believe that the new name reflects the distinctive Chinese characteristics and enhances recognition both domestically and internationally.

Previously referred to as the "Chinese Green Card," this rebranding aims to align with international naming conventions for permanent resident cards.

Many countries, like the US with its "Green Card" and Canada with its "Maple Leaf Card," give their cards colloquial names based on design elements. The new "Five-Star Card" features advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies, improved information storage, and enhanced application management services.

It serves as a standalone personal identification document, facilitating various activities like accommodation registration and transportation without the need for a foreign passport.

The introduction of the new card is part of China's efforts to support its high-level opening-up strategy and enhance the informatization of foreigner management services. It aims to better serve overseas talents coming to China for work, study, and living.

The National Immigration Administration will collaborate with relevant departments to upgrade information systems, facilities, and equipment, expanding the card's scope and improving user satisfaction. Current cardholders can continue using their existing cards until their validity expires and apply for the new version as needed.

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