Basic Information

  • Job ID: 1842;
  • Level: Public University;
  • Location: Zhengzhou, China;

Job Description

  • Subject: English Speaking/English Writing/English Literature/English Linguistics/IELTS;
  • Students age: 18-21ys;
  • Class teaching: 18~22 classes each week with each class 45 minutes; teaching materials are provided and feel free to have your own ideas;
  • Class size: 30-50 students in each class;
  • Extra teaching: normally no extra teaching, but if it has, 160RMB per class;
  • Office hour: NO OFFICE HOUR;
  • Salary: Paid on 28th next month with 12-14k RMB before tax monthly according to teachers' qualifications;
  • Contract length: usually one year which can be extended;
  • Accommodation: The school provides a furnished apartment next to the campus with free water, electricity, internet, and so on (the school pays for the electricity, heating, and water fees);
  • Holiday: have at least two days off every week and all Chinese national holidays; winter (40 days) and summer (2 months) vacations; for a one-year contract, one month allowance for winter holidays. ( Plus one month allowance for summer holidays if continuing the second year contract);
  • Insurance: medical insurance and accident insurance;
  • Bonus: the annual travel allowance is 2000RMB and free round-trip tickets after fulfilling one year contract; relocation supports (setting up SIM and bank cards, arrival pickup, and taking to hospital, etc.) and free Chinese lessons; Eligible visa provided for teaching;
  • Others: applicants must be qualified for a work visa and bear the cost of the visa and other procedures overseas; the school pays for the interiorly normal procedure of work permit, medical check and residence permit.


  • Native speakers with a bachelor's degree or above to be authenticated, or non-native speakers with an English-related major bachelor's degree or above to be authenticated;
  • At least 2 years of teaching experience, and can provide 1 reference letter;
  • Background check authentication is needed;


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