Job Description

  • Level: International School with Primary, Middle, and High School Sections;
  • Location: Shenzhen / Chongqing / Tianjin / Dalian / Xi'an / Haikou / Luoyang ..., China;
  • Subject: ESL;
  • Students age: 5-19;
  • Classes: 25 classes weekly for primary and middle school sections, 15 classes weekly for high school section with 70 mins per class;
  • Work hours: 8-12am & 1-5pm from Monday to Friday;

Salary & Benefits

  • Salary: 17-25K CNY monthly before tax based on teacher’s qualifications and teaching experiences;
  • Holiday: Fully paid about 6-week summer & 4-week winter vacations, fully paid national holidays;
  • Insurance: Provided for teachers and their following relatives;
  • Accommodation: 3k relocation bonus for first month, school helps to find an apartment but teachers pay everything;
  • Bonus: When about to complete each contract year, up to 10k CNY flight allowance will be paid; teachers' sons and daughters can go to school here for free;


  • Teachers who have a bachelors degree or above to be authenticated;
  • Native English speakers preferred.
  • At least 2 years of teaching experience with reference letters;
  • Applicants have to be in China currently;
  • Under 58 years old teachers are preferred.

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HR Recruiter
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