Job Description

  • Location:  Dazhou / Chengdu;
  • School Level: Kindergarten;
  • Workload: no more than 40 hours from Monday to Friday with no more than 25 teaching hours;
  • Class Size: abt 15-25 students;
  • Course: English;
  • Textbooks: provided;
  • Salary: 18-22k before tax monthly for 11 months per year;
  • Housing allowance: 2000 RMB per month;
  • Bonus: up to 6000 flight tickets bonus after fullfilling 1 year contract + extra teaching bonus;
  • Holidays: all Chinese statutory holidays, abt 1 month paid winter holiday and 2 month half paid summer holiday;
  • Visa: work visa provided;
  • Insurance: provided;
  • Others: airport arrival pickup; on orientation and on-going training.
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