Basic Information

Job ID: 1261;

Level: Public High School / International High School;

Location: Cities of China's Mainland;

Job Description

---Cities and Subjects---

Xinxiang (A-Level): ESL;
Urumqi (A-Level): ESL;
Beijing (American Core Courses): Academic Writing / Art / Integrated Science;
Wuxi (A-Level/AP): Literature & ESL / Cultural Study / Computer Science / Academic English;
Chengdu (American Core Courses): Math / Science / Physics;
Changde (A-Level/AP): ESL / Math;
Cangzhou (A-Level/AP): ESL;

Students age: 12-18;

Classes: No more than 25 classes per week with each class 40/45 minutes, 20-30 students (50 for Xinjiang campus) in each class;

Extra teaching: Normally no extra teaching;

Office hour: If no class, teachers are required to show in the office during work time (can be negotiable in different schools);

Work time: Monday~Friday 8~12am 2-6 pm; Weekends off;

Salary (Negotiable): 15-22k RMB monthly before tax depending on location, teaching subjects, and teacher’s qualifications;

Accommodation: Fully furnished apartment close to the school provided for free depending on location housing allowance or free on-campus apartment, but you have to pay the electricity and water fees by yourself;

Holiday: About 50 days' summer holiday with fully paid, and about 30 days winter holiday with fully paid; Public holidays off with pay. The specific days of holidays depend on the calendars in different campus;

Insurance: Medical insurance provided;

Bonus: When about to complete each contract year, 10k RMB flight allowance will be paid; Airport pick up; Professional training and Workshop;


Native speakers with a bachelors degree or above to be authenticated;

At least 2 years of teaching experience, and can provide 1 reference letter;

No-criminal record authentication needed;

Requirements of teaching above subjects under US high school curriculum/A level curriculum:
● Preparing classes well prior to teaching and provide weekly teaching plan;
● Class management and students’ work assessment;
● Providing assistance with the academic director on curriculum system, teaching syllabus and teaching evaluation standard etc.;
● Applying new ideas and approaches in subject teaching practice;
● Using digital technologies effectively and appropriately to support the students’ learning and to experiment with new techniques and technols;
● Improving the quality of the students’ learning;
● Reflecting on and share experiences and outcomes to plan further career development;
● Participating in students’ recruitment activities and business development activities;

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