Before the interview begins, please make sure you have installed WeChat on your phone (or your laptop which has a mic and a camera), and created and logged in to your WeChat account. Please test the internet and make sure it is stable to have a video call through WeChat. Please make sure you have your passport available aside from you to show to the interviewers when the interview starts. If you can, we suggest you find an empty classroom with PowerPoint to teach and ask one of your current students or friends to help take the phone camera towards you.

During the interview, please make sure your speaking is clear and loud enough in case the surroundings (unstable connections, noisy environment, unstable devices) have bad influences on your interview. We cannot ignore the prejudice the interviewers may have towards non-native speakers, so it is very important for non-native speakers to speak slowly and clearly and try to make the interview wonderful through different ways, like using comfortable communication skills, applying innovative teaching methods, indirectly showing your passions and enthusiasm to teaching, interacting with the interviewers and pretending that they are your numb students, giving them clues that they can use to ask you more questions, and keeping attracting them to your talking and demo teaching.

Part I. Structured interview (5 minutes)

Two questions are to be answered. Questions may include but are not limited to self-awareness, management skills, adaptability, interpersonal relationship, comprehensive analysis ability. We will send you the questions the interviewers are probably going to ask.

Part II. Presentation (10 minutes)

Level of the Learners

Teaching Objectives

Key points and difficult points

Methods of Instruction


Part III. Defense (5 minutes)

Based on the interview and the presentation, two questions are to be asked.

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