Although the wage in China is less than many TEFL teachers may earn at home, the lower cost of living means that you’ll be able to live comfortably. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment outside the city centre of Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou for $500, have dinner at a restaurant for anywhere between $4-25, and get a one-way ticket on the metro for about 50¢! The price can be much cheaper if you are living in other major cities like Jinan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Taipei, etc, so you probably will save 70% to 80% of your salary for your traveling and paying off your loans(if you have in your home country).


China has an extraordinary combination of history stretching back over thousands of years along with modern technology and development steaming ahead into the future. There are both cities filled with towering skyscrapers and crowds of people and villages surrounded by paddy fields and simple houses. More than anything, China is a hugely diverse and sprawling country that shares a history longer than any other in the world. But despite its diversity, the country seems intent on moving forward together, using only one time zone across the entire country – which is incredible considering the same area in the US has eight different time zones – and connecting the country with more miles of train lines than the rest of the world has combined.


China is a large country with time-honored history. From the ancient times, the ancestors of Chinese laboured, lived, and multiplied on this vast land and have created splendid culture. China is one of the Four Ancient Civilizations (alongside Babylon, India, and Egypt), according to Chinese scholar Liang Qichao (1900). It boasts a vast and varied geographic expanse, 4,000 years of written history, as well as a rich and profound culture. Throughout the history of Chinese civilization, its agriculture and handicrafts have been renowned for their high level of sophistication. During these 4,000 years, China has nurtured many great thinkers, inventors, statesmen, strategists, men of letters and artists, yielding a rich cultural heritage and fine cultural traditions. Chinese culture is diverse and unique, yet harmoniously blended — an invaluable asset to the world. Click here to find more details.


Eating is a huge part of Chinese culture, with everything from the way you hold your chopsticks to how meals are shared with others meaning more than it seems. Chinese cuisine is also completely different to what most of us know as ‘Chinese food’. There are a variety of flavours and ingredients not found in your bog-standard sweet and sour pork at home along with hundreds of dishes you’ve probably never heard of. A few must-try dishes are xiao long bao(soup dumplings), yu xiang rou si (shredded pork and vegetables in garlic sauce), classic Peking duck, and unique hairy crab!


As a TEFL teacher in China, you can expect to have free accommodation included in your contract. Many schools will have accommodation specifically for teachers, where you can expect to share a flat or dormitory with other teachers working for the same school or company.

If you would prefer to find your own place, you may be offered a housing allowance instead. You should be able to afford a spacious one-bedroom apartment in the city on a public school wage, and you can afford considerably more as a university teacher.

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