Basic Information

Job ID: 1574;

Level: Primary/Middle/High school;

Location: Nanjing, China;


Primary ESL Teachers needed;

Primary ESL+DT/ICT Teachers needed;

A-Level ESL Teachers needed;

A-Level DT Teacher needed;

Job Description

  • Working hours: Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm, 1-hour lunch break;
  • 35 minutes per class;
  • Teaching hours: 20 teaching hours per week for primary school level;
  • Teaching hours: 16 teaching hours per week for Middle/High school level;
  • Weekends off;
  • 20 students per class on average;

Salary & Benefits

  • Salary from 27,000RMB - 40,000RMB per month before tax, which depends on your teaching experience and educational background;
  • One round trip air ticket (economic seat) will be paid per contract period;
  • A relocation allowance will be paid for shipping etc. during the start of a contract;
  • One month’s extra salary will be paid on completion of a two-year contract;
  • Great quality furnished and spacious accommodation (close to the school) will be provided;
  • An opportunity to experience REAL CHINA;

* The cost of living in this area is such that many of our teachers are able to save between a third and half of their salary every month whilst maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.


  • English Native speakers with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher;
  • TEFL / TESOL certificate 120+ hours preferred;
  • Non-criminal record / police clearance;
  • 2 years of teaching experience is preferred, but not required;
  • Motivated, professional, and culturally aware;

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