For foreigners who have been living in China under the uncertainties of covid-19 spreading, geting the nucleic acid test report is important and convenient to travel between communities, cities, and provinces. The easiest way is to check the results on your phone. However, many foreigners don't know which APP can be used since Alipay and Wechat system can only allow Chinese citizen ID. The governments in majors cities have solved the problem.

Like in Zhengzhou, foreigners can download and install the APP "郑好办" to your phone. Open the login page, and find out the Alipay icon and click it to login as Alipay. Then you will find out the test result entry on the homepage. This works only if you have installed and logged in Alipay that has been verified by your own information.

You will need to download another APP that is used in the city where you are living. You can use Wechat or phone number as quick login. It all works the same way.

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