If you are a new teacher for us, you probably need to do more for preparing your first class, and please click here to get more information.

With everything ready  (download the needed teaching materials, get your student(s) information, make sure your laptop/computer and internet work well, install and test your ZOOM app), you are coming to your first class then.

For each first class of the student(s), the teaching manager/assistant will show up for the first several minutes to have a welcome talk in Chinese and English to the teacher, the student, and/or the parents.

Here is the list of the structured doings for each class:

  1. Please login to the ZOOM at least 5 minutes earlier before the class to save more time for yourself to deal with the unpredictable problems to your laptop or software.
  2. You need to report to the coordinator immediately if the student(s) do(es) not show up after the class starts 5 minutes.
  3. Online teaching makes it difficult to communicate with students and get feedback from them. Therefore, we suggest that teachers should conduct more interactive activities instead of depending too much on the platforms. We mainly focus on speaking during class, unless some parents have any special requirements.
  4. After each class, the teacher is supposed to assign homework to the student, which may include but not limited to the following items:(1) Give exercises for grammar rules which have been taught in the class; (2) Vocabulary recitation; (3) Useful expression recitation; (4) Other assignments which the teacher believes is necessary; The teaching manager will arrange the teaching assistant to help the student(s) review the class and finish the homework.
  5. You need to click the link below to update the class record form after you finish each class. You can make it short but can be read. And the teaching manager will calculate how many classes you have taught by checking the class record to pay you the salary.

Submit Class Record: https://en.elitere.cn/class-record

View History Class Record: https://en.elitere.cn/view/class-record

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